Corporate Sponsorships

Pakenham Golf Course sponsorship packages are tailored to the needs and budget of your business and can be inclusive of a range of different marketing opportunities and branding options.

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Golf Course Access

Season Passes / Unlimited Golf Passes for year-round golf course access.

Golf Cart Advertising

Business logo decals installed onto acrylic golf cart windsheilds.

On Course / Range Signage

Physical signage displayed at strategic positions on the course & driving range.

Bistro Credit

Used to purchase food & beverage on site from the Cafe & Bistro

Internal Digital Signage

Promote your business on our large television screens mounted within the clubhouse

Driving Range Credit

Include driving range credit for additional access to our newly refurbished driving range.

Digitial Packages

Partner with us to promote your business via our Social Media, Web or EDM channels.

Social Media

Access an engaged audience across our digital channels on Facebook & Instagram.

Email Marketing

Advertise in GSM fortnightly EDMs with access to a golfing database 35,000 strong.

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Contact us today to discuss additional partnership opportunities.

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Pakenham Golf Course at Deep Creek Reserve

62 Cameron Way, Deep Creek Reserve, Pakenham

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